Dress your Bed

When dressing your bed,  you can go with the simple necessities, or accessorize to create a multi-layer look. Here are some ideas on how to accessorize your personal retreat.

A classic White bed (courtesy of decorpad)

*Using all white for sheeting and pillow shams is great  if you are drawn to the “hotel” look. It creates a very clean and serene space to unwind.

*A nice classic way to dress the bed is by using euro-shams (a 26×26″ square pillows) in the back row to add some height. you need 3 for a king size, and usually 2 for a Queen.  Then add some standard or king shams and a decorative pillow in front.

*A fluffy duvet can be folded along the bottom edge of the bed to create a lofty look.

Blair Waldorf's bed from the TV show "Gossip Girl"

This bed looks effortlessly chic with its elegant yet relaxed silk bedding. This is a completely different look than the stiff silks used in decorative bedding… this silk is made to be slept in.

*The type of silk you should look for is silk charmeuse. Besides looking fabulous, it feels amazing against your skin and its good for your hair and complexion. Our favorite line is Kumi Kookoon (www.kumikookoon.com).

Silk Pillowcases from Kumi Kookoon

*If you like the look of a little more structure but still want the benefits of silk, switch only your pillowcases to silk and you will love the difference.

White room with Pop of Pink (courtesy of elle decor)

If you need a pop of color in your room, try adding a bright colored throw or quilt at the foot of the bed. Throw blankets and pillows are a great way to accent your room with your favorite color of the moment without making a permanent commitment.

Stacked Pillows at the Avia Hotel in Savannah

If you prefer a more minimalistic approach… try stacking your pillows. To keep things linear and modern, try a throw folded into a rectangle at the foot of the bed, and no more than 3 pillows per stack. This look works best if you use knife edge pillows or even cases.

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